Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Target Audience

My Target Audience (The perfect Viewer)

Fredrick Williams
Age: 21
Occupation: University Student
Job: Part-time restaurant waiter
Enjoys: Performing arts, Social media & pop music
About him: Fredrick enjoys his Uni life, and pursues him ambition to become a performer on the West End. Some may categorise Fredrick as a 'typical teenager', sharing his life on social media, going out with friends and a freunt listener to alternative pop music. Fredrick however pays less attention to music charts such as the UK top 40, and actively seeks to discover sound of the indie pop genre. He often shares his musical interests via his instagram account, where he interacts with others around the world with similar music tastes, and follows the bands he has an interest in.

Fredrick is the perfect example of the audience I am targeting with my media text. Specifically, my target audience lie within the 15-25 year old age range. I am targeting younger people with an interest in indie music and broadening their range or musical interests. My DigiPak, magazine advert and music video will all be centred around appealing to these people and encouraging them to engage in the media texts I have created.

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